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Why Shop Local?

Shopping local is a big focus in our family and I wanted to share with you guys some of the reasons why, and how you can shop local too!

I find it is important to shop local for your food for many reasons but #1 is definitely taste! Have you ever had fresh lettuce from the farmers market? OMG I cannot even explain how amazing fresh lettuce is. It doesn’t have that weird lettuce smell that most grocery store lettuce has, or half wilted and slimy leaves. It is fresh, light, flavorful, and crisp!

Let’s just say it is REALLY hard to buy store bought lettuce after trying it freshly grown.

Also, have you ever really thought about how long the food takes to get to the actual grocery store before it’s sold? When you think about the energy of food it is a living plant until the moment it is picked, from that moment forward it starts to lose life and energy. This has an affect on taste and nutrients. Anybody know how long it takes to get to the grocery store on average? I can’t say for certain but I’ve read anywhere from a couple weeks to months!!! EW.

When buying local you are also supporting the farmers around you that are trying to make a living providing high quality delicious food to their community! There is no need to give more money to the big box grocery stores than we already do for produce that is sub par. Put that money back into your community and it will Be better for it!

Not to mention how cool is it to know exactly where your food is coming from and who is maintaining it? You build relationships with these people (pictured below is farmer John from Babylove’s Farm in Mckinney)!

Which leads me to my next topic which is where we shop local in our area and recommend for people in DFW area!

We love the Denton Farmers Market, they always have live music that is amazing thanks to Denton being home to a university with a stellar music program (UNT). Then what farmers marker wouldn’t be complete without dogs! So many dogs, and even a cat in a backpack too! It is a pretty awesome event every Saturday in Denton from about April till October I think! Follow them on Instagram @communitymarket.

Another favorite place of ours is in Pilot Point and it’s a farm store called Singleton Farms that sells all kinds of local goods! You will LOVE this place, when you pull up its the picture perfect farmhouse with a giant front porch and cows grazing in the front yard. You pull around back and there is a little store behind the house. We have been going there since they opened and the owners are the sweetest people! They have so many animals too so our daughter loves it there and being able to see the alpacas, cows, rabbits, llamas and more! We even got to bottle feed baby calf Lily when she was just a couple days old! Definitely a fun family friendly place that I highly recommend checking out for local meats, dairy, and veggies! Sometimes a hot meal too as they serve breakfast and lunch on weekends!

Now if you are not local to DFW not to worry I’ve got some links you can use to see what options you have around you too!

For locating farmers markets or farms near you go to this link here. It will allow you to search by zip code for farms and farmers markets near you and give you information about them!

For delivery of locally sourced veggies and fruits and other goods look into Imperfect Produce here and use my friend Lauren's code HOF50 for 50% off your first box!

Also look and ask around on your community Facebook pages if your neighborhood has a Co-op or CSA! That is another way to get great veggies and meats, we have bought 1/4 of a grass-fed cow twice through our neighborhood co-op! Enough meat to last us a year and amazing quality and price, highly recommend looking into this if you connect with a farmer and have the room!

Well guys, that’s all I got for now. I hope you learned something new and I inspired you to try shopping local for groceries next weekend! Have a great week and feel free to reach out as always with any questions!

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