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Healthy Reeses Smoothie

Let's face it, sometimes it can be difficult getting your kiddo to get all the right nutrients in every day without a fight. Now I have to say I am pretty lucky because my kiddo actually doesn't mind a lot of vegetables (as long as they are raw and not cooked) and fruits. That doesn't change the fact that it can be hard sometimes to get her to eat enough of the things she needs to help her grow big and strong.

Enter Protein shakes... Now hold on before you come after me with your pitchforks saying kids need to eat real food. DUH! Let me start out by saying we eat plenty of real food in our house and I am a firm believer in getting nutrients from whole food sources, but sometimes you need to supplement and that is where this recipe comes in handy!

A Healthy Reeses Peanut butter smoothie?? Yes it ACTUALLY tastes like a reeses cup and is freaking delicious. Best part, my daughter decided on all these ingredients herself and was so proud of her creation. Like mother like daughter!

I find that if I lay all of her choices out and give her the power in creating her shakes she tends to drink them more. I do sometimes have to guide her in the right direction of course or we would be having shakes that were very strange combinations of flavors. Highly recommend giving this a try if you struggle with getting your kiddo to eat smoothies/shakes/juices!

So without further ado here is the long awaited recipe for a healthy Reeses smoothie!

Healthy Reeses Smoothie

1 scoop Arbonne Marble Cake OR Vanilla protein (Marble cake was a limited time flavor) ⁣⁣
1 scoop Arbonne Multivitamin Powder (flavorless) ⁣
1 Arbonne Digestion Plus probiotic/digestive enzymes⁣⁣
Handful of Thrive Market Gluten Free Oats ⁣⁣
Handful of hemp seeds ⁣⁣
5-6 Enjoylife Foods chocolate chips (DF)
1 scoop Peanut Butter
Handful of Frozen Cauliflower (that she doesn’t know about)
Mixed with about 8 oz water or dairy free milk and ice⁣⁣

Blend and devour⁣⁣⁣⁣!

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