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Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Last night in honor of the Bills winning (my husband is from Buffalo) we made some buffalo wings! I absolutely love buffalo sauce however sometimes sauces can be filled with inflammatory oils and other filler ingredients. I personally LOVE the Noble Made Buffalo sauce it is Whole30 approved and tastes just like Franks!

I am not sharing my wing recipe yet because honestly it is not perfected but the chicken leftover the next day is so good so this recipe works great! I was literally looking forward to this sweet potato bowl since I made the dinner! Not to mention it was super easy because all I had to do was heat the sweet potato in the oven and then add the leftover chicken and toppings!

For this recipe I used a Japanese Sweet Potato which are purple on the outside and white on the inside but you can use any type of potato I imagine. They are pretty sweet but if you add the right seasoning it is the perfect balance!

Let me know if you try it, would love to hear your thoughts! Also this recipe is 1 serving! I have got to get better about typing that information in, bear with me I will get there!

Buffalo Chicken Japanese Sweet Potatoes

1 Japanese Sweet Potato
Leftover Buffalo Chicken or Bake some fresh
1-2 green onions chopped
Tessemae's Ranch dressing
Noble Made Buffalo Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Avocado Oil

1. You will first preheat your oven to 400 degrees and then wash your sweet potato and dry it thoroughly. Then stab it with a fork all over and cover it with oil and a little bit of salt. Place on parchment paper on baking sheet.

2. Bake for about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how big the sweet potato is. You will know it is ready when you can pierce it easily just like a baked potato.

3. While the potato is baking you can heat up and shred your chicken if that is needed/toss with more sauce and chop your green onions

4. Once the potato is finished take it out of the oven and you will slice it like a baked potato, you will cover it with a little bit of ghee and salt and pepper and give it a good mash! (If you haven't tried ghee yet and you are looking for a dairy free butter alternative- highly recommend getting some)

5. Place your chicken on top with some green onions and then finish it off with some more hot sauce and ranch dressing! DELICIOUS!

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